A Look at Why Not Me

The Samantha Chronicle:

I have always loved the fact that, in my family, I am the big sister. Mindy Kaling has shattered that comfort; after reading Why Not Me?, I realize how much I miss out on in terms of advice. Like, I feel like I have so much knowledge to pass along to the seventeen-year-old mini me (gems such as: [1] if you have to choose between 15 more minutes of sleep and taking a shower, choose sleep. That’s what dry shampoo and scented lotion is for. [2] Jeans are never dirty. Unless you’ve actually spilled something on them, rolled around in the dirt, or wore them to a fraternity party, you don’t really need to wash them. Plus, they’re more comfortable when they’re dirty. [3] In college, befriend an English major. Seriously, we are trained to make the English language our bitch and are (usually, unless we’re writing term papers of our own) more than happy to help others. I did this enough for my friends to know it’s true).

Samantha is a friend of mine and one of a very short list of blogs that I actually read every post of. Her book reviews are quite enjoyable, and you should check them out.

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