The Internet of Way Too Many Things


Another example shown was the Mimo, a smart baby monitor built into a onesie ($199) that takes helicopter parenting to new heights (or lows). Mimo notifies you when your baby wakes up or changes her breathing pattern, body position or skin temperature, and provides a timeline of your baby’s sleep patterns on your tablet or smartphone. When Mimo is connected to other devices in your home and discerns that your baby is stirring, the lights turn on, coffee begins brewing and some Baby Mozart starts playing on the stereo. Given the erratic wake-up times of my child when she was an infant, I can only imagine the delight all this activity might bring to new parents at midnight, 3 and 5:30 a.m.

It’s a fair point – I did a lot of research recently on the variety of Internet of Things/smarthome stuff that was available, and was thoroughly underwhelmed. There are a few useful things – Belkin WeMo Switch, Sonos stuff, and so on – but mostly it just feels like “gadgetry for the sake of gadgetry.”

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