The Broadband Opportunity Council

The Verge:

“Broadband has steadily shifted from an optional amenity to a core utility,” the council writes, “however, not all federal programs fully reflect” that change. It’s instructing all government agencies to amend relevant programs so that their resources can be used to make investments in the rollout of high-speed internet. The council estimates that up to $10 billion worth of federal programs will be opened up through these actions, though of course only a portion of that will end up being used for broadband.

Between the FCC and the Broadband Opportunity Council, it seems like the US government might actually be trying to improve the state of the internet in this country.1

  1. Of course, Congress is hard at work to ruin that, from cutting funding for the FCC to the latest CISPA/SOPA/whatever. I think this one is called CISA? 


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