Repair Economy

Detroit Metro Times:

That’s why Barnes says he’s trying to help create a “repair economy.” The benefits are numerous — discarded tech makes up what is called e-waste, which contains materials that are hazardous to the environment. Not only that, but tech repairs create jobs, and can be cheaper for the consumer.

I’m all in favor of that – the last time I had a computer die, it was because the display (it was a laptop) got shattered. I was told that the manufacturer couldn’t repair it for less than the cost of a new one – inexplicably, the display panel cost more than the entire laptop. I looked into getting it repaired, found a distinctive lack of options, and instead broke it down for parts. The memory went to a friend upgrading his laptop, and the hard drive to another friend who was repairing someone else’s broken laptop.
Sure, it wasn’t a perfect fix, but it got some use out of it. Pretty much the same logic as to why I’m an organ donor, and I think everyone should be.

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