Facebook M


Why not just build M with neural nets from the beginning? Without the right data, neural nets couldn’t provide a service much more powerful than, well, Siri, and Wit.ai’s tech can get things started with relatively little data. “This is a good way to bootstrap. With a few thousand data-points, you can start to build a model,” Lebrun says. “Then, using this model, you get more data, and once you have about a million data points, you go to Yann and get some deep learning.”

It’s not exactly a complicated premise, it’s just that only a few companies have the user base and resources to pull it off.
Looking at the URL of the story, I think it serves as a better descriptor of the story than the actual title that Wired went with: “how-facebook-m-works” versus “Facebook’s Human-Powered Assistant May Just Supercharge AI.”

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