Apple Design: 3D Touch


For a technology company, there’s a surprising amount of pencil-and-paper sketching as people begin their work. Designers are spared a lot of meetings and obligations (“We love our bubble,” says Dye), but they mix so intensely with materials specialists and engineers that they’ve essentially become one amorphous, cross-functional team. Turnover is unheard of, and new staff is brought in only after a courtship that makes selecting a spouse look careless by comparison. “One joke with the design team,” says Dye, “is that we don’t hire people until we’ve been on family vacations together.”

I really deeply enjoy these sorts of stories from inside Apple – my desire to be a designer at Apple is fairly low,1 and reading about how hard it is to get the job is making me glad it’s such.
That aside, the whole article is incredibly interesting, though, thanks to the cutthroat2 world of cell phone manufacturing there isn’t a whole lot of detail.

  1. Especially considering that I’m not even pretending to study design… 
  2. Or, more accurately, ‘plagued by awful copyright law’ 

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