Analytics and Privacy

Hopefully you can tell by now that privacy is a bit of a big deal to me: I’ve posted a few things about ad blockers on iOS 9, and I’ve got Ghostery set up to block most trackers and only a few ad networks – namely, the ones that care more about collecting information than actually selling things.
For that reason, and because I’m growing more suspicious every day of Google “the user is the product” mentality,1 I’ve removed Google Analytics from this site.
Instead, I’m using Piwik: it’s an open-source, locally-installed analytics system. That means that no data leaves my server, unless you leave a comment, at which point the site will ask Gravatar if you’ve got an avatar associated with the username you used.
So, that’s how things stand now: I’m still getting a bit of analytics data,2 but nobody else is.

  1. Well, it’s not just Google, it’s any web service that’s available for free, but Google is easily the largest example of this business model. 
  2. Which, to be honest, I’m collecting for the same reason that I’m a rigorous user of the Health app on my phone – I just like looking at graphs of stuff.