Transportation, Access and Opportunity Act

Without transportation systems that connect people from where they live to good jobs and other economic opportunities, low-income Americans are increasingly becoming stranded without a pathway into the middle class. Even in Portland, which consistently ranks in the top 15 cities for transportation coverage and job access, low-income Americans are still struggling to get the transportation they need. The Transportation, Access and Opportunity Act aims to reverse that trend by ensuring that transportation systems give Americans the connections they need so that their hard work will pay off.

I skimmed through the full text of the bill, but it included far more cross-referencing than I’m willing to do. Still, it was more useful than the actual press release that I’m citing here.1 Still, as someone who uses a mix of free busses and a bike to get to work, I’m all in favor of expanding public transit.

  1. Which I had to use Google to see, because the email I actually got about this featured at least three redirects, one of which was through Twitter and thus blocked by the network at work. 

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