Time on Donald Trump

His response has been a focus on policy, releasing a written plan for immigration that is both bold and indecipherable. He would build the wall, confiscate the earnings of undocumented immigrants if Mexico did not pay for it, seek an end to birthright citizenship and rejigger the way immigrants who enter the country legally get visas.1

This is, quite possibly, the best use of the word ‘rejigger’ that I have ever seen.
That said, while I do appreciate that he’s in favor of tax reform, I still find the concept of “President Trump” deeply terrifying, and I feel bad for my friends who vote Republican – they deserve a better candidate, and I hope that the (frankly massive) pool they’ve got can surface one deserving of the title.

  1. From Time’s August 31, 2015 issue, “The Donald Has Landed.” 

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