Rambling and Themes

I can never settle on a single writing style for this blog. Some days it’s a very formal analysis of different ways to get to space.1 Other days it’s a rambling sort of thing like this post is already starting to look like. Oh dear.

I’m doing that thing again where I think about new themes for this site. Part of my problem is that, over time, I’ve built up a lot of strange requirements in terms of ‘things will break if I don’t have feature x.’ Lately it’s Aesop Story Engine support, because one or two of my Notes pages use those features. When I have some time, I think I’ll finally get on that project of splitting the notes off into their own site (probably notes.grey280.net) and free myself from some of those support obligations.

As to what kind of theme I’m looking at, I’m thinking in the Daring Fireball or Furbo style, with specific posts available as permalinks on request but all the content showing on the main page. Plus, simple colors, extremely lightweight,2 and I’m thinking a sidebar again might be nice. This one doesn’t have a sidebar at all and that’s the sort of thing I’ve been missing.

I’ll admit to being pretty happy with my addition of a Projects page – it doesn’t have much on it right now, but it’ll be a good place to put the things I’m working on in the future. I’ve got a big one that might show up there eventually, or elsewhere. Who knows? I can barely plan what I’m going to do tomorrow, much less months in the future.

If I’m going to be doing redesigns on the site, though, I’m probably going to do a lot of ‘em. I’ve been thinking about designing my own WordPress theme, because then I’d have slightly less to complain about. Okay, no, that’s not at all what would happen, but at least that way when I have something to complain about I’ll know exactly how to fix it. Aside from that, I think I’d break some of the other stuff off into a few different components. What I’ve been looking at is the Notes bit being broken off as its own site, and probably another one for the occasional bits of photography or videography I do – text-heavy stuff like I usually do is easy to theme for, and media-heavy stuff is also easy to theme for. One thing that switches back and forth between the two? Not so much. I’m also debating putting together a separate site for a Daring Fireball style link-collection thing, but depending on how often I’d use it (probably ‘not very’) and what sort of stuff I’d post, that’ll most likely wind up as a category on the blog, which will most likely remain the main site.

Hmm, I wound up writing a lot more than I anticipated. I do like the stream-of-consciousness style thing, so I might be doing more of that lately. Or not- I have no idea how much of this is being influenced by the headache-and-pain-meds combo I’m rocking right now.

Oh, whatever. Leave some thoughts on the various things I wrote about, if you’ve got any. If you could follow along enough to form a coherent reply.

  1. Yes, I’m aware that that’s a running trend in my writing. Shut up. 
  2. I spend a lot of time on the edges of wireless networks and on the weird WiFi at my workplace. I’ve logged a load time of more than two minutes to my own site, and having seen what I’ve got it doing to prevent long load times, I’m seriously wondering what’s up. Clearly I’ve got more work to do.