Rambling and Themes, Redux

So, the other day I went on a bit of a ramble about site design.1

Now, as you might have noticed, things look a little different! I went with a theme that wasn’t designed around Aesop Story Engine, since I’d really only used one or two of the features. This whole thing was basically the result of me getting bored while trying to work on homework2 for the summer class I’m taking, and it’s a bit of an ongoing process. I’m working on moving all my notes over to their own site – notes.grey280.net – although that one is currently stalled at ‘trying to transfer more than a gigabyte of media files,’ because while WordPress is ostensibly capable of handling some of that for itself, it really just gives up after the first ten attachments. It’s a little bit pathetic.

Other than that, I’ve mostly just been doing bits and pieces of optimization, server-side stuff that will hopefully make things a little bit faster. I got rid of a few plugins that weren’t necessary – mostly just there to support the surprisingly-large apparatus that was all of my notes – and a few that I just plain didn’t want anymore.3

The only other big change is that the full text of posts is now visible on the front page (except for ones that, back when I wrote them, I specifically set to do otherwise- I could go back and change that, but… I won’t. Because lazy.) and doesn’t need any click-through stuff. This makes my Google Analytics page look sad, but it means less wait time for you, dear reader, and that’s what really matters.

So, thoughts on the new look? (Yes, I am trying to force you to click through and comment – if I could have comments on the main page, I would, but that sounds like a lot of problems waiting to happen.) Hit up them comments, I love me some reader interaction.


  1. Why, yes, this is a shameless self-promotion! I also disabled the ‘share’ buttons on here, though, so I think it balances out. 
  2. Doing homework, of course, being possible because the pool where I work is closed. I have a pretty great shift right now – sitting in the office, answering phones and telling the occasional person who walks in (past the four signs saying that we’re closed) that no, they can’t swim today. 
  3. Like the sharing plugins. If you’re on a computer, it’s easy enough to share the link, and mobiles phones all have pretty good sharing stuff built into the operation system, so if someone really wants to share it they will. This has the added bonus of making me feel like I’m morally superior to Buzzfeed and their ilk.