Spellcasting – Draft 3

This is a simplified variant of the spellcasting system that I’ve been developing, since it was decided that the more complex components wouldn’t be ready in time for various events this semester.


  • All duels will be supervised by a referee
  • Each player has a certain amount of health, called for the sake of clarity ‘health points.’ Players will start with 7 health points.
  • Players can cast one spell per turn
  • The number of turns in the match is left to the discretion of the referee. A turn lasts up to 60 seconds, and can be ended early by the referee.


Casting spells requires a wand of some sort, and each spell will have a wand motion that must be performed correctly for the spell to be cast. Improperly casting a spell counts as the ‘one cast per turn,’ but has no effect.

For all casting gestures, the motion starts at the colored circle and follows the line.


ExpelliarmusDisarms your opponent – if they have already cast a spell, they can’t cast a spell next turn. If they haven’t yet cast a spell in the current turn, they can’t, and the round ends.


StupefyDoes one point of damage to your opponent.


ProtegoBlocks an attack and lasts until the end of the turn.


Confringo Sets your opponent on fire. Being on fire does one point of damage per turn until it is put out.


AguamentiPuts out fire on the person it is cast at; you may cast this spell at yourself. Prevents the target from being set on fire for the rest of the turn.