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It is no secret that I am an avid reader- I don’t just read, I downright devour books. The biggest problem I had when moving into a dorm room was going from three full-sized bookshelves to a half-sized bookshelf that I share with my roommate. The only way I was able to survive was my Kindle, which has at least 100 books on it, and it still isn’t enough.

I am also the sort of reader that reads several books at once, and thus it makes sense to do a full listing of everything that I’m reading. (I’ll include one of my texbooks on here, because we’ve been reading through the entire thing in order, and it’s actually fairly interesting.)

A History of Western Music, 9th edition

This is the textbook, if you hadn’t figured that out on your own. It’s a massive book – weighs down my backpack more than anything else, including the 40+ ounces of water I’m usually carrying around – and it contains a wealth of information. I originally rented it (from Amazon) but wound up using the ‘rent-to-buy’ option they’ve got when I realized that I’d probably be using this thing at least until I graduate.

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

That title kinda makes it sound like a textbook, and after I’d started reading it I realized that it makes a perfect companion to one of the classes I’m taking, but this is something I started reading on my own, no doubt. As a white, male american, it’s easy for me to forget how much privilege I’m sitting on, and this book is helping me to wrap my mind around that, and as I get further in I’m hoping to start picking up some good ideas about how I can use that to make a difference in the world.1

Wizard’s First Rule

I’m slowly making my way through what my Kindle’s menu screen insists is a massive work of fantasy. Personally, I’m not enjoying it too much, mostly just getting irritated at the main character and wishing that the system of magic in the world would make a bit more sense. But, of course, I’m too stubborn to stop reading, so I’m just slowly making my way through the book.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

Wait, you’re thinking, I don’t remember that one… Well, yes, because it isn’t by J.K. Rowling. HPMoR, as the internet lovingly refers to it, is a collosal piece of fan-fiction, based upon the concept of “what if Petunia Evans hadn’t married a waste of a human being.” The result was Harry being raised with a firm understanding of the scientific process – the titular methods of rationality – and putting them to use. It’s a very different take on the first book of the series, and I2 greatly enjoy it. A note: as of this writing, it isn’t finished, although it’s very rapidly coming to a close. Serialized fiction, man!


I’ve also got a stack of magazines that I’m working on, as well as numerous other books (on my Kindle or otherwise) that I’ve started reading and haven’t yet finished. Those, however, are the main ones. At some point in the future I’m going to do a ‘favorite books’ post, because the ones listed here, while mostly wonderful, aren’t actually my favorites.

  1. Race is a very complex issue and one that I readily admit I’m not an expert on; before I set about doing anything, I want to have a good understanding of what’s going on in, so I can avoid making a mess of things. 
  2. … being the kind of person that sits there and thinks “what if you just sent an owl with a grenade?” or “when you use aquamenti, is it summoning water, or creating water? Because, let me tell you, there is a huge difference…” and then I’m rambling about the implications of wand-use for modern physics and all hope of understanding me is lost. 

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