Spring Break!

My laptop is sitting here trying to update and I’m not letting it because I’m supposed to be writing a blog post, and instead I have no entertaining ideas. This might be caused by the fact that I’m watching Friends with my sister and some of her friends.1 I’m having a very productive day, as you can tell.

I’d also probably be accomplishing more if I’d stop reading the internet as well as watching this show, but I’m gonna be honest, that sort of productivity is not in the cards for today. Today is devoted to doing approximately nothing while I let my sanity return from… wherever all of the insanity of my schedule during the semester sent it.2

Nope, seriously, that’s all you’re getting today, internet.

  1. Spraaang breaaaaaak 
  2. That could’ve been a link to another post I wrote, but finding the right URL would’ve been too much like work.