Sleeping In

Last night, I realized I was really looking forward to today. Mostly because I’d get to sleep in. Which is a very ‘college’ sort of thing to do, although it’s still rather relatable for everyone else in the world who’s past the official “getting up early to watch Saturday Morning Cartoons” age.1

The sad part, though, was what I was thinking about it. From my mind:

Tomorrow, I might sleep in until seven.

Yes. Seven. That is my scale for sleeping in. I’m hoping y’all are making fun of me and not pitying me – this is my bed that I’ve made, and now I shall sleep in it.2 Feel no pity for me, dear reader – just make some good jokes at my expense, that’s all I want.

  1. Although, to be honest, if I had a TV here I’d probably be trying to find some cartoons to watch right now. Aging doesn’t mean growing up. 
  2. That may be the single most blatant pun I’ve ever written.