Rules of Privacy

I got a pretty exciting email this morning, although my Rules about privacy mean that I’m just going to say that and then leave you all wondering what’s up. Instead, I’m gonna ramble about those Rules.

The Rules1 basically consist of not saying things about people if it’s in any way clear who I’m talking about, with a loophole of ‘if they give their express permission.’ So, for example, the second YouTube video I posted, of Gator telling a story – that doesn’t break the Rules, because he’s the one telling the story, and thus he’s very distinctly given permission.2

On the other hand, telling the life stories of the people around me, no matter how entertaining that might be, won’t fly. If somebody says ‘go ahead,’ I very well might.

This is, of course, definitely related to how I deal with photography. Privacy is something I spend a lot of time thinking about, because I want to be conscientious in this age of cheap broadband and cheaper storage. One day, I’m hoping to be involved in making some of the software people use every day, and I want to make sure that those people will be able to look at how said software handles their personal information and say to themselves, “oh, good.”

  1. The first time I capitalized as a joke, the second time because it was referring to the first. Now, it’s apparently A Thing. 
  2. Don’t go try to find that video, you really don’t need to watch me awkwardly try to be relevant to a story that I’m really not relevant to.