I’m a little bad at prioritizing when it’s a break. Take this one, for example, where I brought several projects with me from school. I’ve got a ‘review for the exam’ (x2), a bit of audio processing from concerts1 (x3), and a good bit of reading (x10?).2

So, of course, I’ve been ignoring all that and using the free time I’ve got3 to, for example, burn through an entire Khan Academy series in one day. Or hash out my schedule for next year.4 Or try to break the housing rules so I can have one of the upperclassmen-only apartments next year. Y’know, the sorts of things that should take a lower priority than the stuff I’m actually getting credit or getting paid to do.

Eh, I’ll figure it all out. Eventually. Meanwhile, I’m having fun teaching myself weird things.5

  1. I have the coolest work-study job. 
  2. Two chapters for various classes, one book I just felt like reading, and god alone knows how many magazines. 
  3. I’m also working a bunch of shifts at the job I’ve got Back Home, because money. 
  4. A topic to which I might dedicate an entire post, because it is a mess. Shoutout to my school’s administration, who is once again doing a spectacular job of making me feel singled out and screwed over. why does this keep happening to me, he asked, before realizing that it’s because he spends so much time trying to find loopholes in academic requirements. 
  5. Including the definition of the word ‘polymath,’ which is now basically my life goal.