I’m back at school now! The craziness shall resume where it left off, as if nothing happened at all. On the bright side, my sanity has been significantly restored, so there’s that at least. My to-do list has automatically filled itself with stuff that I have to do today, thanks to my marking a bunch of to-do items as ‘due on monday,’ or possibly ‘do on monday.’

Although, in terms of due dates, there’s a little bit of a reprieve – everything was due before the break, with only one significant piece of work assigned to do over the break.1 I’m sure that my first few classes today will assign some huge project or another, though, so that’ll end soon enough.2

One bit of strangeness – this whole ‘blog post a day’ thing is coming very rapidly to an end. I’m not going to start talking about that right now, though, as I’m planning to do a nice wrap-up post tomorrow. Y’know, for the symmetry of things.

So, until tomorrow, dear reader. Have a good day.

  1. Which, of course, I did yesterday. I am a college student, you can’t honestly expect me to do homework at any time other than the last minute. 
  2. Remember, kids- if you lower your expectations enough, everything is a pleasant surprise! Mine have been set at ‘expecting to be killed by a lightning strike at any time,’ so any time I survive for longer than ten minutes I’m happy.