My Calendar is Ridiculous

My calendar is a hilarious mess. I’ve been a big fan of using a calendar (Google Calendar, specifically) for years now, and I’ve gotten quite good at it – I can do wild things with repeating events – but at the moment I’ve had to start scheduling more than I ever have before. It’s the whole ’oversized courseload’ thing that I thought was a good plan. I’ve got two pairs of classes that’re taking place at the same time,1 and the amount of reading that gets assigned every couple of days is best described as ‘ridiculous.’ Welcome to college, kids.

What’s really weird, to me, is the fact that I’ve had to start budgeting my free time. “Lunch” is on my calendar now,2 as are “Breakfast” and “Dinner.” I block out half-hour chunks for “Homework,” occasionally marking out which homework I’ll work on at that time. Today has 45 minutes before a midterm highlighted in green, titled “study!”

The handy thing, though, is that whatever calendar service you use – Google Calendar is free, iCloud calendar is free and easy if you’ve got an iDevice, and your school/work probably has an Exchange server set up – you can add multiple calendars. I’ve got the dining hall’s hours in as another calendar, and another calendar is full of office hours for my various professors, a TA, and the writing center. At some point I’m going to put the library hours in a calendar, I’m sure, and when finals roll around I’m going to try to avoid putting the campus Starbucks’ hours in there, but we’ll see how that goes. Now, those hours are all listed in various places, but it’s nice to have them in my calendar for two reasons – first, it’s more convenient. And second, it’s way more convenient when I’m on my phone – it’s just ‘Calendars’ and then tapping on whichever one is relevant, rather than a Google search for whatever set of hours I’m looking for.

And, of course, the best part is the fact that, whenever someone complains about being busy, I can just hit ‘calendar’ and turn my laptop around and watch the pity appear on their face. “Never mind, man, you’ve got it worse.” Yes. I know. Thank you. Respect the fact that I was utterly insane when I registered for classes.

  1. In fairness, one of these pairs are in the same classroom, so there’s generally not a conflict, but still
  2. The really weird part about this is that it’s at a completely different time every day…