Let's Discuss: Asexuality

Some days I really feel like having discussions with people. Usually it’s days like this, where I’ve got no free time and am not going to be around people in a setting that calls for a good discussion,1 so instead I’m going to post a topic here and hope the comments are interesting when I’ve finally got enough time to check back.2

So, here’s the discussion topic: Wired’s article on asexuality and demisexuality.
I’ve spent long enough online that I’m a bona-fide expert on sexuality,34 and one of the key things about this sort of discussion is to make it a Safe Space. So, the rules: if it can be called bullying,5 don’t do it. Try to limit the swearing, but, y’know, if you need the emphasis, go for it. While this is an open forum on the Internet, try to follow the Vegas rule: what happens here, stays here.

I think that’s enough by way of rules. I hope. I might tack on some more later,6 depending on how things go.

Now, go read that article, and hit up the comments, tell me what you think.

  1. I’m going to church later, and they expect you not to be loudly arguing about physics in the back of the room, for some reason. 
  2. Or, y’know, I’ve gotten tired of being responsible and need something to distract myself for a little bit. 
  3. That’s a joke, my knowledge is mostly rooted in targeted reading and being in GSAs for years. 
  4. Although, in fairness, I’ve also been asked in to a class on Human Sexuality to help teach people about the subject, so… I actually am a bona-fide expert on the subject. How did that happen? 
  5. If it can be reasonably called bullying, at least. 
  6. I’ve spent long enough on the internet to have very low expectations of my fellow internet-dwellers, so…