In Review

Whoa, hey, that month went by fast. And I actually managed to write a post every day.1 I’d call this little experiment a success. Looking back, there’s a few things I noticed.

Markdown is fun

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past2 that I do all of my writing these days in Markdown. It’s a nice syntax, one that I first got started with thanks to Day One, and now use for everything.3 I’ve gotten a lot better at it4 than I used to be, and I’m still having fun with it. There’s something really nice about the link format, it’s simple in a way that the <a> tag just doesn’t capture.

Writing is fun

I had some posts that I really enjoyed writing. What’s weird was what I enjoyed writing – I just opened up my favorite posts in a bunch of tabs, and I noticed that the two I wrote about space are both in there. Who knows, maybe I’ll be the next Elon Musk and actually get a good space program going.5

The other notable trend in my favorite posts was that they were the longer ones. Long-form writing is more fun! Short little posts… Well, I’ve already got Facebook and Twitter, which respectively cover the medium- and short-format writing. So in the future what gets posted here will likely be longer-form.6

Which leads me into…

Going forward

I have enjoyed posting a lot on here. I haven’t so much enjoyed posting every day. The rigor of a schedule is helpful, but that much? A bit too far, I think.

So my goal from now on is to do a post about once a week.7 We’ll see how long I can keep it up – it might fall apart instantly. At which point I’m hoping at least one person will have liked my writing enough that they’ll yell at me about it, and spur me into doing some more writing.8

So. That’s what it’ll look like in the future. Thanks for embarking on this little experiment into daily writing with me, folks, and I hope to see you again around here!

  1. Well, mostly. 
  2. I distinctly remember posting it here, but I’m too lazy to actually find the link. Do it yourself, dear reader. Don’t you feel loved? 
  3. I wrote a three-page essay in Markdown this weekend. Which actually doesn’t make much sense, since Markdown is intended for web publishing and the sorts of essays that I write for my classes aren’t. 
  4. I mean, I figured out how to use footnotes, images, and links, so clearly I learned something
  5. Okay, that actually isn’t very likely, but I can dream
  6. Which works, because my next two projects are both longer-form writing, on the order of 1,000 words per… unit that would be made into a post. 
  7. The word ‘about’ is chosen very specifically so that I can fudge the once-a-week requirement a little bit and not feel too bad, but still have that push there making me write. 
  8. If you’re reading this, that oh-so-sublte hint is for you