Froot and Humanism

So, the other day, I had to describe the album art for the new Marina and the Diamonds album, Froot. Which I will admit, I’ve been listening to a good bit – Immortal is my jam.

Marina and the Diamonds - Froot album art

Anyhow, describing the album art. The first word I came up with was ‘humanist.’ Which, in retrospect, was a bit of an odd choice. Especially considering how odd a usage pattern that word has.1

See, when I said ‘humanist,’ I was talking about the historical period and how it affected the arts, since I’d just been reading about that the other day. (Music history is a rather interesting class, if I do say so myself.) Humanism, as an artistic period, was big during the Renaissance, and focused mostly on people, and what you could see, observe, rather than a blind faith in tradition. (I’m looking at you, Catholic Church.) And that’s what I thought about the art – it’s very clearly people-focused, since it consists of a picture of the titular Marina, and two pieces of text.

Interestingly, that word, I feel, describes the music, as well. I linked to Immortal earlier. I’ve been listening to it… more than I am willing to admit. And the lyrics are pretty impressive – my brain has this underlying assumption that all pop music will be vapid, and I keep getting proved wrong on that assumption, so I have no idea why it’s still around. Point being, the song spends a while talking about immortality and how much people chase after living forever. “If I could have forever at a price/ I would buy it twice, twice.”

But then, I’m not a music critic2, so I’m going to stop now before I start trying to act like I am.

And I’ll just add that, hooray, the Blogging Challenge is off to a… start! I was going to use an adjective but I don’t have enough data to extrapolate.

  1. I’m referring to the use of ‘humanism’ as a contrast to ‘feminism’ which, from what I know of that usage pattern, is based on a fairly deep misunderstanding of what feminism is all about, but I’m not going to get into that because I don’t think Day 1 of this ‘blog every day’ challenge should devolve into a comment war. I’m planning to leave comment wars until at least Week 2. 
  2. Although I suppose that I am technically taking a class on how to write like a music critic, so…