Prompt: "What are your all-time favorite TV shows and TV stars?"

Note: I overslept (for which I blame DST) and so you’re getting one of my draft posts that I’ve been sitting on in case I run short on time, as I just have. Enjoy!

I wouldn’t say I have any all-time favorite TV stars, since I tend to be unable to name any of the actors or actresses in any show that I watch. But TV shows, there I can name a few:

  1. Warehouse 13 has been my favorite TV show for years, and it’s going to stay there even though there won’t be any new episodes. The characters make the show, and it’s in a special place where even the set has a personality of its own. I love it, and I seriously recommend it to everyone. It’s on Netflix. Go.
  2. Anglophilia: Doctor Who and Sherlock. I enjoy the madness that the Doctor brings to the world, and I’ve got a calendar on my wall that is currently showing a Dalek. (The first page was a Weeping Angel, and I just pretended that January didn’t happen.) Sherlock, of course, for the downright phenomenal cinematography, because, seriously. Check that show out, there’s a few moments where I just swore under my breath, in awe of how well a few scenes worked.
  3. Agent Carter beats out Agents of SHIELD, although nobody knows if that’s because it’s a better show or if it’s just what I’ve watched more recently. I’ll admit that I love Peggy Carter a ridiculous amount, and watching her fight the patriarchy is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
  4. I’m going to leave a lump of shows down here, things that I’m currently watching: The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and Archer neatly fill the ‘small amount of time’ watching block, with Last Week Tonight with John Oliver meeting my TV news requirement. I’m meaning to catch up on Elementary any time now (unlikely to actually happen, based on my schedule), and I’ve been enjoying the heck out of Empire.
  5. A final one that I feel the need to include: Syfy’s Ascension was more of a ‘TV event’ than a ‘TV show,’ but it was still an awesome piece of science fiction. Spoilers coming up, be warned. Frankly, I would’ve watched that show even if it was just the messy lives of a bunch of people riding an Orion-class ship to the stars, and the first big plot twist was, again, enough on its own to keep me watching. By the end of the last episode, I was getting the same feeling I got from Almost Human: this show should’ve been given at least three more seasons, possibly a spin-off or two, based on the amount of ideas that the writers were trying to cram in there. (No, seriously, Almost Human was dropping, like, a season’s-worth of content in every episode by the end of the season. Which was really unfair to someone with a mind like mine, because it left me flopping around like a fish on dry land, desperate for answers to the numerous questions.)

So, that’s what I’m watching on TV. I’m not even going to get into YouTube, because there’s a lot of stuff on there, and in a very odd spread of categories.