Prompt: "What are your favorite songs?"

This one is easier (and harder) than the one I did about my favorite TV shows. Interestingly, the first one is linked to that discussion, too. It’s “Running Up That Hill” by Track and Field. It played during one of the most powerful (in my opinion) scenes in Warehouse 13, and ever since then I’ve loved it.

Second, Coldplay’s “Yellow.” I’ve got a long story about the song, but suffice it to say that a) it’s beautiful and b) it’s a strong memory of a pivotal moment in my life.

Thirdly, although actually probably it should’ve been first, is “Your Hand in Mine” by Explosions in the Sky. This is, I maintain, the single greatest song in the world. Go listen to it. Now.

But now I’m going to take a different track, one that’s more fitting to my life. Namely, the life of a choir nerd and a music major. Songs that I’ve performed! Also an easy answer, for me.

“Prayer of the Children,” a piece written by Kurt Bestor, and arranged by Andrea Klouse (I’ll go ahead and admit that I had to look that up, I didn’t just memorize it) was a piece that we performed in my choir right after the Sandy Hook shootings. Understandably, it was a very powerful experience for all of us, and it wasn’t a coincidence of timing – our concert was about a week after the tragedy, and we learned the piece in just a few days so that we could perform it in honor of those who died. After we finished singing, the room – a packed (and I’m not just exaggerating to make myself feel better) auditorium – was silent. For minutes on end. The only sound I could hear was that of the occasional sob, all those people feeling the same way we did. It was, easily, one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I will never forget that, and when I tell the story in person it’s still quite likely to bring a tear to my eye.

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