I’ve been enjoying the ability to cook things this week. Mostly in terms of breakfast, which is, oddly, my favorite meal to cook but my least favorite to eat. The other day we had some fancy bread that my mom made, so I went for the English inspiration, cut some big slabs of bread, a bit of butter, and then scrambled eggs over the top. Today1 was steak and eggs, though since the steak was a very small amount of leftovers, I just chopped it up and mixed it in with the eggs.2

Normally, though, I’m not big on breakfast, or eggs.3 Not that I have a lot of choice in what I cook, since the kitchen in my dorm is about the size of a postage stamp.4 Woo, dorm food. College life is fuuuun.

  1. I’m skipping yesterday because I microwaved leftovers for breakfast yesterday, and that isn’t nearly as exciting. 
  2. Scrambled eggs are my favorite thing to cook, and what I’m best at cooking. 
  3. As per the previous footnote, I love to cook eggs, but I can, frankly, barely stand to eat them. I’m weird. 
  4. Basically I spend a lot of time watching cooking shows on YouTube and sighing to myself.