Spellcasting – Draft 2

This is the second draft of the spellcasting system I wrote about earlier. Changes have been highlighted, with additions in bold and removals struck through.


  • All duels will be supervised by a referee
  • Each player has a certain amount of health, called for the sake of clarity ‘health points.’ The amount of health a player starts with is currently undetermined, and so will be left to the referee. This number should be stated before the match begins. In a practice match, each player starts with 7 health points. In an actual duel, each player starts with 14.
  • Players can cast one spell per turn.
  • The number of turns in the match is left to the discretion of the referee. A turn lasts 60 seconds in a practice duel, and 45 seconds in an actual duel.


Casting spells requires a wand of some sort, and each spell will have a wand motion that must be performed correctly for the spell to be cast. A penalty of one health point is deducted for an improper casting of a spell.


  • Expelliarmus
    • Disarm opponent – they cannot cast a spell the next turn
  • Stupefy
    • Damage opponent – one point
  • Confringo
    • Sets opponent on fire – they take one point of damage per turn


  • Protego
      • Blocks attacks, lasts one turn
  • Protego Totalum
    • Blocks attacks, lasts two turns.
    • (This spell will require a more complex casting motion than Protego)

Spells can also be dodged, though whether or not dodging will actually work is up to the referee. Also to the referee’s discretion is the ability of the players to use the local terrain as cover.


  • Episkey
      • “Heal minor wounds”
      • Player recovers 1 point of health
  • Aguamenti
    • “Summon water”
    • Puts out flames on the player, ending the 1 damage per turn effect of being hit by confringo


Note that this system is less settled than the other, and, depending on the referee, may not be used at all.

  • Avis
      • Summons birds
      • (When used with oppugno, each casting counts as a single creature. two creatures.)
  • Oppugno
    • Summoned creatures attack, for a total of one damage each.
  • Piertotum Locomotor
    • Brings statues and armor to life.
    • Each summoned statue/armor (one per casting) can block a single spell, at the discretion of the player who summoned them.
  • Depulso
    • (This is technically a misuse of the spell, which in the movies just sends stuff flying away, but it’s the ‘Banishing Charm,’ so I’m using it here.)
    • Banishes a summoned creature. (When used against birds summoned via avis, each casting negates a single casting of avis: two creatures are banished.)