"My Drunk Kitchen"

So, for Christmas I got Hannah Hart’s new book, My Drunk Kitchen. Named, of course, after her phenomenal webseries, in which she… drinks and attempts to cook things.

Anyhow, the book: it’s less a book of recipes than it is a book of life advice, a lot of which is quite good. There’s a touching section in there on the process of coming out, starting with yourself and moving on up through family, friends, coworkers, and the world as a whole. Hannah Hart’s use of comedy throughout makes it a very good read: I laughed, I… frowned while I thought Deep Thoughts, and I bookmarked a couple pages to go back to later – a couple of the more coherent recipes, one of which is pictured above. (The Hartwich, by the way, is delicious, and I recommend it!)

In terms of recipes, there’s a few gold stars (the aforementioned Hartwich) and a couple confusing bits of juxtapositioning (“Hot Rods: Try new things! Just not drugs!” is in the same chapter as “Pastafarian: Get high. Make pasta.”), and a ton of life advice (“Weatlh does not define happiness.”)

Regardless of value as an actual book of recipes, I seriously recommend My Drunk Kitchen – it’s a great read, and Hannah Hart’s personality shines through brilliantly.