LaTeX Rendering

\LaTeX is a beautiful little piece of software(?) that I’ve been using for a few months now. Pronounced “lay-tech”, it’s a variant of the TeX language that’s used mostly for typing math and making it look good. It’s been installed on this site for a while now, since a variant comes with the Jetpack plugin that I use for a few features, but I’ve just disabled that implementation and switched to MathJax-LaTeX, a plugin that taps into a Javascript-based engine that renders LaTeX on the reader’s machine. This will, I hope, make things a bit more accessible, work a bit better, and load a wee bit faster. And, the bright side for me is that it’ll have fewer bugs, always a good thing. So now, when I type my math notes and post them for other people to use, it’ll be nicely formatted. (Oh, and that second link is a new set of notes that I’m working on at the moment – enjoy!)