Economic Impact of Longevity

The human lifespan has been increasing at a pretty impressive rate! But as somebody who’s obsessed with the cool stuff the future might hold, I feel like I have to think about some of the weirder impacts of what might happen – like living for a thousand years. Now, of course that might have some implications, the main example being whether or not the human mind can even survive for that long. Being alive for that long might overflow your brain! We don’t know, and I find that really awesome.

But now, the point of this little tirade: what could the economic impact be? As a current college student, believe me when I say I’m thinking about the fact that I’ll wind up with a total of twentysomething years spent learning stuff! Now, of course, I love learning things and I’d happily be in school forever (except it’s all expensive and stuff) but I don’t have forever to do that! Yet! Who knows how immortal we’ll be in the next couple decades.

Anyhow, I did actually have somewhere I was going with this: I enjoyed this article about some of the economic impacts of such futuristic longevity. It’s cool to think about the far-flung effects, like tax changes, that could come about from changing one thing.

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