Personally, I prefer to take pictures of nature, be it little flowers or sprawling landscapes. I make a lot of attempts at photographing the immense wonder that are the clouds, but seldom to they turn out in a way that I’m happy with. There’s some logic to that, though.


Photographs, as with all media, are inherently something that the viewer will pass judgement on in some way.IMG_0852

And, being frank, I don’t really mind that. Judge me all you like, I will always by my own worst, and most helpful, critic.IMG_0877

But when I take pictures of people, there’s something different about that. Instead of judging my capabilities as a photographer, the viewer can then be judging the subject’s capabilities as a model, regardless of intent (or even awareness) of being photographed.IMG_0884

Now, I know that I’m comfortable being judged by anyone – why else would I post this sort of thing on the internet where anyone can see it? Setting everything I do up so that only people I know could see it would be fairly easy, but here I am, shouting into the void, weathering any storm of criticism that may come my way.IMG_0887

But other people aren’t always like me. Rather frequently, people prefer not to be judged, be it on their thoughts, their opinions, or their appearances.IMG_0897

And who am I to force judgement upon others? Especially if it’s not my own, but that of anyone who may stumble across my work online. Nobody. I’m just a guy with a camera.IMG_0926

Which is why I prefer to take pictures of nature, of sprawling landscapes. Because the landscapes don’t care if they’re being judged. And really, I have no right to put that upon others.IMG_0928