4th of July

Now that it’s a few days later, I thought I’d post some of the pictures I got from my aforementioned 4th of July vacation. Shown above, the one I’m calling ‘skull man’ for no good reason. I was rather proud of that one.

Photograph of low-density buildings and a power line, with a butte in the background.
I persist in calling that bit of land in the background a ‘butte,’ even if I don’t know that that’s the proper term for it.
Photograph with a silhoutte of a tree in the foreground to the right, highlighting a blue, slightly cloudy sky and a set of stairs going up a hillside.
whoops I accidentally did a thing with contrasting light levels
Photograph of a broken birdhouse.
“How do you birdhouse”
Photograph of a cloudy sky over a lake, the beginnings of a sunset visible through a break in the clouds.
As it turns out, clouds are hard to satisfactorily photograph, as documented by the ~50 other photographs like this that I’m not showing anyone ever.
Shaky photograph of a firework going off in the air over a lake, trees visible in the background.
Fun fact: fireworks are *really hard* to take pictures of, even with something better than a cell phone camera.
Photograph of a lakeshore, the last vestiges of sunset visible in the background, creating a stark contrast against the darkness of the water.
Another one where the contrast in light levels turned out really cool, if you ask me.

(I’m trying to be better at using WordPress’ built-in media management stuff, thus the different-looking captions – I added those while uploading the files, and then just inserted them all into the post as-is. Click on the images to see them larger.)