Photography and Privacy

I’ve got a new camera! I talked about that in one of my videos at some point, so I’m not gonna go over a whole lot here. Basically it means I now have an excuse to avoid physical activity while outdoors, and can instead hide behind a lens.

Now, of course I’m going to be actually taking pictures. Where’s the fun in owning a nice camera if you don’t do that? And, since the theme I’m using on here right now does so well with images (see above, unless I’ve changed themes since this post was written, in which case… look around, I’m not going back to edit this to be relevant), I’d like to post some pictures.

However, I am a very privacy-conscious person, and I do my best to respect the privacy of others. Unless they explicitly ask me to do so, no pictures of other people will be showing up on here. If you’re a friend of mine and I took a picture of you, it’ll probably show up on Facebook, so look around there. If you still can’t find it, then I probably haven’t uploaded it – I’m picky about which ones to share, so that I can pretend I’m actually good at photography and not just taking 10,000 pictures so I can have 100 randomly good ones to share. I never delete things, though, so it’ll still be somewhere.

That’s my policy on posting photos. Hopefully I’ll be posting some more stuff than I usually do, though! Sad laugh, because that’s not actually going to happen.

Anyhow, have a picture showing off focal differences:

yaaay focal differences