PaperWhite Problems

I am not a bit fan of my Kindle PaperWhite. I think it’s a lovely device, but I do not approve of it.
My problem isn’t with the PaperWhite. (Now that the second generation ones are out, I should probably note that I have a first-gen PaperWhite.)
My issue is that I was introduced to what is now the Kindle Ecosystem by the original Kindle. And it spoiled me. It was a beautiful device- not just functional, beautiful.
The PaperWhite is just another rounded rectangle. Yes, the touch-sensitive backlit e-ink screen is very nice. But I’d still prefer my original Kindle. That was unique. The backplate was an artistic jumble of letters spanning every alphabet. It was shaped like a wedge, and had hapticly satisfying buttons.
With the PaperWhite, and all the later Kindles, Amazon has been making their devices more professional, more conventional, more societally-acceptable. But they’ve been taking away their soul, the bit of rebellious artistry that made me fall in love with the Kindle back when it first came out. It’s a shame.


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