Visited the castle that’s probably known as the ‘Versailles of Denmark’ on Wednesday. I’d assume it’s called that because it’s the second largest Renaissance castle in all of Europe, second only to Versailles.

2013-08-07 10.35.22

2013-08-07 10.36.33

Getting to the actual castle involved crossing multiple moats.

2013-08-07 10.38.06 2013-08-07 10.41.35

Such a lovely shade of green. Looks so inviting to swim in, doesn’t it?

2013-08-07 10.42.13

One moat left, snapped a picture of the wing of the castle that has the fancy church in it.

2013-08-07 10.56.58

All the ceilings were arched and/or ornate in some way.

2013-08-07 11.01.00

Lots of spiral staircases, and most of them had walls lined with these shield-like-things.

2013-08-07 11.01.31

The courtyard had a cool little pattern on it.

2013-08-07 11.02.20

No, seriously, the ceilings were very ornate.

2013-08-07 11.03.18

The church was fancy.

2013-08-07 11.03.41 2013-08-07 11.04.02

Stained glass windows are pretty easy to get good lighting on, assuming the sun’s up.

2013-08-07 11.05.38

So yeah, big church, lots of fancy.

2013-08-07 11.09.19 HDR

Most of the castle was in use as an art museum.

2013-08-07 11.10.34

Now that is a family tree.

2013-08-07 11.15.33

… there are no words…

2013-08-07 11.23.55

Paintings of ships!

2013-08-07 11.24.21 2013-08-07 11.24.43

One of the little tower rooms had this gem in it- the most steampunk thing I’ve seen recently. Lots of clockwork, an integrated music box with a slightly haunting melody, and a whole lot of motion. Marvelous.

2013-08-07 11.28.22

At this point, the fanciness of the ceilings was getting ridiculous.

2013-08-07 11.39.28

At this point I decided that marble busts are really creepy.

2013-08-07 11.41.48

A painting of the castle. It is, by the way, called ‘Frederiskborg.’

2013-08-07 11.47.13

The highest floor that was open to the public was a modern art museum, and one of the first pieces was this lovely painting of who I believe is the wife of the crown prince of Denmark.

2013-08-07 11.46.34

All the spiral staircases looked like this. And every castle had spiral staircases. It’s just A Thing.

2013-08-07 11.47.24

Evidence that it was the Modern section.

2013-08-07 11.49.00

I just like taijitu, okay?

2013-08-07 11.49.22 2013-08-07 11.49.24

This piece, captured in two images, was called ‘Danmark 2009’

So I guess it isn’t just ‘Murica, then.

2013-08-07 11.57.33

On the way out, found this not-so-well-hidden secret passage. Decided against investigating, because I didn’t feel like getting kicked out of a castle.

2013-08-07 12.13.02

One more picture of the castle, and then off to the gardens.

2013-08-07 12.23.43 2013-08-07 12.25.23 2013-08-07 12.23.09 2013-08-07 12.25.48

These gardens are maintained off the same blueprint used for the gardens at Versailles, apparently. I kinda wish I’d gone and explored some more, but at that point my feet were informing me that they were Done Walking for Today, Thank You.

2013-08-07 12.27.50

There were little potted plants on the wall. I thought this one looked good.

2013-08-07 13.07.20

And finally, a personal success, I found tacos. There is no taco bell in this country, and having gone so long without seeing a bit of tex-mex, I was feeling a bit lost.