Monday was the first day of school here. Man, in America we have a RIDICULOUSLY LONG summer break.

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It was not the most exciting day, because of all the classes were taught in Danish, which I don’t speak. It was a short day, though, so it wasn’t too bad. Anyhow, a couple notably different things:

1. Instead of the students going from classroom to classroom, the teachers move around. Since they don’t have their own dedicated classroom, the walls aren’t as decorated with stuff about whatever subject they teach. Additionally, there’s more cloud-tech usage: I saw two different teachers correctly using a cloud-based storage thing for hosting the documents they used in class, as well as stuff for students to access at home.

2. The curriculum is set up differently, although I haven’t entirely worked out how differently; one of the classes I sat through consisted of the teacher going down a list with the class, asking which units they’d already studied. I’m used to a bit more communication between teachers of the same subject, as well as a curriculum that covers the full 4 years of study.

Oh, also the chairs were different – rolling chairs, and when class was done there were little brackets on the bottom of the tables that the chairs slid into, keeping them off the ground. Presumably that keeps the cleaning staff happier, because that was the only purpose to that which I could think of.

And, for the most part, there was a lot better integration of technology: the school’s wifi had per-student login stuff set up, and no filtering that I saw anyone get caught by. The first class I was in, the teacher told everyone to get out their computers (brought from home, no bloatware-laden school computers) and pull up a news site to start going over stuff that had happened during the summer break. Simply put, the stigma of not bringing your own computer to school didn’t exist.

Oh yeah, at the lunch break a teacher taught everyone how to do a simple dance, and then they had a dance-off to live jazz. So that was cool. I’m assuming that was a ‘first day of school spirit-day’ type thing, and not a regular occurrence. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about that.