Went to a birthday party for the aunt and grandfather of my exchange brother.

It turns out that birthday cake is DIFFERENT in Denmark.2013-08-02 15.34.17

Here, it is apparently something akin to a massive donut, slathered in brown sugar, frosting, fruit candies, whatever that brown curly stuff is, and marshmallows. Also flags.

2013-08-02 16.16.57

After I tried the cake, walked around front, where it was evidently hot enough that the asphalt was melting.

2013-08-02 16.36.12

Escaped to a lovely (read: made of solid stone that held the night’s cold quite well) church.

2013-08-02 16.38.34

The place was so old that it had chairs for the monks. (It was originally a monastery.)

2013-08-02 16.39.48

… and this cool pattern on the floor.

2013-08-02 16.38.55

(Obligatory picture of Jesus)

2013-08-02 16.40.19

Evidently it’s a fairly normal thing to have a ship hanging from the ceiling like this in Danish churches.

2013-08-02 16.51.03

The actual reason for going to the church was this (the smaller of two pipe organs in the room) – an organ concert! It was lovely.