Celebrated the birthday of my exchange-brother and his twin sister yesterday. 2013-08-13 16.08.50

2013-08-13 16.08.39


They each like different kinds of cake, so there were two different kinds of cake. It was interesting- three layers of something along the lines of angel food cake, separated by some flavored fluffiness.

The birthday dinner was two kinds of bruschetta and a nacho that had a strong resemblance to a casserole. Bruschetta made me think about the fact that tomatoes are a lot more popular here – the proportions of lettuce and tomato in salad are the inverse of what I’m used to. The nacho included squash, of all things, but it was good. I should probably get the recipe for that, since it was the first time I’ve willingly eaten squash in years.

My exchange family’s grandparents came as well. It was good to see them again. They brought me some gifts, actually- from my exchange family’s aunt (exchange-aunt?) they brought a type of caramel-with-sea-salt blend intended for use similar to peanut butter, and from themselves they brought a bunch of pamphlets and a lovely book about the island we’re on. I made sure to get a picture with them. Like I said, I was really happy to see them again before I left- despite the fact that neither of them speaks a word of English, they managed to make me feel incredibly welcome here in Denmark. It was a pleasure getting to know them.