(Posted late because I’m lazy, basically. This should’ve gone up two days ago, but I kept putting it off until now.)

Legoland Denmark! I’ve been to Legoland California, but this is the King Legoland. Or something.


Look, proof I was there: a tiny little town, made of legos. The bridges and ships were moving. It was cool.


I found this airport rather cool – the aircraft were taxiing around. I’m assuming it was running on Mindstorms or something. In the background, you can see the train – it went around a bunch of the park, and was themed to look like legos.


The royal palace of Denmark – four buildings, around a large square. There’s some interesting history to this, which I’m going to tell you without fact-checking at all, so let’s see how well I’ve been paying attention.

A long time ago, the royal palace burned down or was variously destroyed. Seeing that their leige lord needed a home, the four lesser nobles who’d built these places – independently of each other, I’d assume, but they were good friends so they put them all in one spot like this – the nobles gave their homes to the royal family to use. Nowadays, one building is the Queen’s residence, one is used for official business, and the other two are available as residences for the other members of the royal family.


This was cool – a little Lego recreation of a church that was buried by the motion of the sand until only the tower was visible.  As in, the entire church was buried, and so the Lego model was built and then buried to match.


The big Lego buildings. I don’t have a lot to say about these.


Why yes, that is the American cultural touchstone that you think it is. It got blown up in Iron Man 3, I think.

IMG_2085 IMG_2089 IMG_2091

Star Wars! It wouldn’t be complete without the Millennium Falcon.


Mount Rushmore was recreated in Cowboyland or whatever. That is the stereotype of America, and I am fairly okay with this.


Tucked into cowboyland: a Mexican Cantina… without tacos. Evidently nobody in this country knows about tacos.


The most stereotypical ‘castle’ I’ve seen so far.


Complete with it’s own ghost.


The ‘arctic’ themed area had these cool little guys – I found their construction quite interesting and well done. The little kids just enjoyed petting them.

IMG_2139 IMG_2155

Further symbols of America: the rocket and an oil rig. Though, to be fair, it was a Danish oil rig – you can tell by the existence of green power nearby.


On the way out, we stopped by the ‘Atlantis’ exhibit. I snapped a picture of this construction mostly because I have the original (Lego-scale) version at home.

IMG_2166 IMG_2173And we’ll finish up with the nearly-nude minifigure. Fun fact: there was a slight indentation where a bully button would be, and two small bumps. Guess where.