(I’m caught up now! Hooray!)

This post is just going to be about my host family’s vacation home, where I am now.2013-07-31 15.45.20

That view right there is what happens if I lean over so that the lamp next to me isn’t in the way of the picture. And it’s only a little bit in the way as is.

They own the land all the way down to the water, as well as fishing rights on a good bit of the water. Which would be great if I enjoyed fishing, but fish and I leave each other well enough alone. Oh well.

2013-07-31 15.09.18 2013-07-31 15.09.20 2013-07-31 15.11.09 IMG_2197

And those pictures, taken about 50 meters away from here, are where the third-purest/best water in the world is pumped and then bottled. It’s called iskilde and it is Very Fancy. The actual pump house is tiny and very securely locked so that it stays clean.