Went into a larger town nearby – Faaborg. The highest point of the town is a tower – once a part of a church, but the rest of the church burned down a long time ago.

This, as I learned, is a terrible room to be walking into at the top of the hour.

Up in the tower, which was open for anybody brave enough to head up the very steep stairs (some spots, I had to duck beneath bits of stone or wooden support beams), there were some amazing views of the surrounding town and the water, as well as some cool mechanical stuff that I’m assuming has something to do with the functioning of the clock. I don’t actually know, because it was labeled in Danish, and I am far from proficient in the language.

The town itself was downright QUAINT. I mean, look at these streets – cobblestones and all. Though, I must add, cobblestone streets are actually fairly common, having shown up in every town I’ve been in so far (with the possible exception of Copenhagen, which I’ve yet to be in while in a non-jet-lagged state).

I found this interesting – one of the town gates, built in the 1100s(?). I’m not entirely sure on all this – you’d think I would learn to take notes when people are telling me cool facts, but no – but this was part of the wall around the entirety of the town. Something rather uncommon in my part of the U.S., where almost everything was built AFTER the last big war in North America.

Wrapping this up with some entertaining cars – the first, a lovely little decal, and the second a (bad) picture of the car I was riding around in today – made in 2010, with ‘suicide doors’ and windows that must actually be ROLLED up or down. I didn’t know they made EITHER of those things anymore.