(Posted late because I’m lazy, basically. This should’ve gone up yesterday, but I put it off until now.)

Legoland was a stop on the way to my host family’s vacation home, the location of which I honestly have no idea. Somewhere in Denmark.

Anyhow, we got up and headed into town: Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark.


I found this canal interesting. I haven’t seen a lot of canals. They’re cool.


It took me way too many tries to get a good picture of this tower.


We stopped for lunch here – it was a little buffet. The cool thing was that it was underneath the street – the previous picture, of the canal, was taken from a bridge, the width of a street, but I believe for pedestrians only. That bridge went across a street and the canal, and in between the two was this restaurant.


As we were leaving the restaurant, it started to rain. These ducks were content to hang out and be dry under the bridge.


That big rainbow thing is on the roof of the Aarhus Art Museum, known as ARoS. I have some pictures from inside the rainbow thing later on; it’s a big art installation.


This is below the walkway leading into the museum.


For comparison’s sake, I took a picture from the top of the stairs, before I got into the rainbow kajigger.


This picture was supposed to go in elsewhere, but I’m going to leave it here because moving it would probably just break the entire post. Murphy’s Law and I are old acquaintances.


This was one of the borders between the different-colored panes of glass. I’m assuming getting them done in a smooth gradient would’ve been either impossible or just prohibitively expensive.




This is roughly the same view as the non-tinted one, taken from as close to directly above the same spot as I could guesstimate.


After the rainbow on the roof, we went down into the exhibit on the Golden Age of Denmark. I thought this one was interesting – contrast between old and new technologies. (New at the time, anyways.)


This painting, especially as compared to the others nearby, held an impressive amount of depth.


I had to post this one because it made me laugh. That dude in the blue suit is just struttin’ his stuff.


This made me think of an aqueduct, but the plaque said it was actually the coliseum, painted from inside, but as if the arches were curving outward rather than inward. I think it’s a lovely piece.


Apparently, there is an island in Denmark that is made of chalk. These are some cliffs. Of chalk.



I refuse to acknowledge that this piece is anything other than a giraffe.


There is a sculpture in front of this painting. Not that you can tell, so I took another picture at a different angle:


This not-creepy-at-all statue was at the end of a dark hall leading into a room labelled:


All those jars are full of a horse.


These two made me think of my little sister. She isn’t that young, but she would totally walk around with an ax.


Aaaand more creepy stuff.


This seriously made me think of Tron.


I enjoyed the name of this one: “Still Life: John and Jane Doe in the Coliseum”


The enormous little boy up close. His eyes reminded me of Gollum.


This room was reminiscent of some toys I had when I was younger. Scaled up, though – rather than marbles, this used balls roughly the size of a basketball. For one to go the entire course evidently took 9 minutes.




This, as it turns out, was a statue. Props to whoever thought to put the tip basket in front. I found it entertaining that all the coins were Danish, but all the bills were USD.