The Best Minecraft (Bukkit/CraftBukkit) Mods

So, I recently got my Minecraft server all set up and running – public IP for that coming soon, I believe, we’ve just got some ingame stuff to set up first – and I wanted to share the mods that I absolutely could not live without.

First off, Bukkit. Okay, CraftBukkit, but I insist on calling it Bukkit. They’re two versions of the same thing, to my understanding – Bukkit is the developer release, CraftBukkit is the stable – but Bukkit is the single most useful thing ever. It’s essentially a rewrite of the Minecraft server, adding all the modification APIs in and other great things. Honestly, if you’ve played on a Minecraft server that wasn’t using Bukkit… have you been living under a rock? Anyways.

Secondly, the accurately named Essentials. I probably could not survive without Essentials and the sub-mods it includes. Essentials handles the spawning stuff on my server, as well as running the simple economy stuff I’ve been doing. Also all the teleporting I do, and the messaging stuff. It’s incredibly useful, and truly is essential for a server.

Third, WorldEdit. Not only does it provide the incredibly useful Wand with all the tools provided – something which makes the creation of buildings incredibly easy (Example: creating a skyscraper is as simple as selecting a bottom corner and the diagonal upper corner, and then typing //walls [material], swapping in the name of whatever block you want it made of for [material].) – it also adds lots of useful moving around commands – /ascend and /descend are the ones I use most often, but I suspect that /jump is a part of Bukkit as well.

Finally, I’ve been messing with Residence. It’s proven quite handy, once I can get people to figure out how to use it (I’m still tinkering with the settings a bit, as well) in saving me the effort of running something liked WorldGuard. Basically, Residences hands that over to the people that own a property. It also plugs into the economic system of the server, allowing you to buy/sell/rent properties. I’m now a wealthy landowner on my server, with no insider trading at all! Okay yes I cheated a bit but SHUTUP. The important thing to remember while you’re doing your initial tinkering: /resadmin instead of /res will override all the settings. Also, if you’re trying to walk someone through using it, and you have Essentials installed, just do /sudo [their username] res [whatever command].

So, if you’ve been looking for a quick list of useful mods, I hope this helped! And, like I said, I’ll be posting that IP address pretty soon.