On the Amazon Appstore

Does anyone else really hate the Amazon Appstore app on android? It’s incredibly obnoxious.

Two things bother me most. First, it won’t let you do any downloads larger than 20MB over the cellular network.
Amazon, I have an unlimited data plan. I don’t care about Verizon’s network health, I’m with them because they annoy me least of all the cell carriers in the US. Let me disable that.
Second grievance stems from that. When you download an app via their store, it places an ongoing notification, a progress bar. Which is normally fine. Unfortunately, it still puts the bar there when the download is over it’s size limit. So it gets stuck there. This might not be such a big deal to some folks, but I keep my notification area empty. That way I can see, at a glance, what’s going on. I don’t want an icon stuck there.
Anyhow, I just uninstalled their app store to get rid of one of those. I don’t think I’ll be reinstalling it.