Rapid Linguistic Evolution

Sometimes I write things that I find interesting. Then I turn them in and forget about them, approximately immediately. Now, sometimes that seems like a waste to me, so on occasion I’ll post interesting things I wrote for school up here. This time around, it’s a mini-essay I wrote about the linguistics of tumblr, which was ostensibly for my psychology class last year. Enjoy! Continue reading



I go to the beach fairly frequently, I think. It’s one of the benefits of living so close to the coast – I tend not to think about it, but I have easier access to ocean than a lot of people.

Throughout my childhood, there was one specific beach – a relatively small area, a short (read: “possible with small children”) drive away from the house we always stayed at – that I especially loved.

We called it Driftwood Beach. Continue reading

It's pronounced "Grey two-eighty."