Let it snow!

I didn’t post a video the other day – long story – but call it an aspect of Christmas Break. Also, being sick. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that long a story.

Anyhow, I will hopefully be back to posting next weekend, and I’m definitely going to be doing some more blogging – I’ve just started using Desk, a lovely piece of writing software, and I’m feeling quite inspired.

Finally, I was digging through the settings on here and found an option to enable snow effects – turns out it’s an Easter Egg of sorts in Jetpack.


I enjoy this picture – the little guy just would not stay still, the sound of the shutter scared him a little bit, I think, and he’d jump every time I tried to snap a picture. The result was this – a motion blur. Sure, I could’ve done some tinkering with the settings on my camera, used the flash to reduce the blur but I’m not a big fan of the flash effect. And anyhow, I like the idea of a ghost lizard.

“Why Tamora Pierce Should Be Hollywood’s Favorite Author Right Now”

I stumbled across this article earlier this week, and it really struck a chord for me – I’ve been rereading everything Tamora Pierce wrote, recently, which is something I do at least twice a year. She is far and away one of my favorite authors ever, and I would love to see a Hollywood adaptation of some of her work, if only so that I could talk about some of my favorite books with more people. (And, of course, act like Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons – I know way more about this universe than any but the most dedicated of fans… he said, hoping people were reading it in the voice of Comic Book Guy.)


I noticed the other day that the sunset was being very pretty! It was a nice break from the ‘being grumpy’ that I was in the middle of, and it turned an all-around grouchy moment into a contemplative one. So I took a picture. Enjoy!

It's pronounced "Grey two-eighty."