LaTeX Rendering

\(\LaTeX\) is a beautiful little piece of software(?) that I’ve been using for a few months now. Pronounced “lay-tech”, it’s a variant of the TeX language that’s used mostly for typing math and making it look good. It’s been installed on this site for a while now, since a variant comes with the Jetpack plugin that I use for a few features, but I’ve just disabled that implementation and switched to MathJax-LaTeX, a plugin that taps into a Javascript-based engine that renders LaTeX on the reader’s machine. This will, I hope, make things a bit more accessible, work a bit better, and load a wee bit faster. And, the bright side for me is that it’ll have fewer bugs, always a good thing. So now, when I type my math notes and post them for other people to use, it’ll be nicely formatted. (Oh, and that second link is a new set of notes that I’m working on at the moment – enjoy!)

“My Drunk Kitchen”

So, for Christmas I got Hannah Hart’s new book, My Drunk Kitchen. Named, of course, after her” href=”” target=”_blank”>phenomenal webseries, in which she… drinks and attempts to cook things.

Anyhow, the book: it’s less a book of recipes than it is a book of life advice, a lot of which is quite good. There’s a touching section in there on the process of coming out, starting with yourself and moving on up through family, friends, coworkers, and the world as a whole. Hannah Hart’s use of comedy throughout makes it a very good read: I laughed, I… frowned while I thought Deep Thoughts, and I bookmarked a couple pages to go back to later – a couple of the more coherent recipes, one of which is pictured above. (The Hartwich, by the way, is delicious, and I recommend it!)

In terms of recipes, there’s a few gold stars (the aforementioned Hartwich) and a couple confusing bits of juxtapositioning (“Hot Rods: Try new things! Just not drugs!” is in the same chapter as “Pastafarian: Get high. Make pasta.”), and a ton of life advice (“Weatlh does not define happiness.”)

Regardless of value as an actual book of recipes, I seriously recommend My Drunk Kitchen – it’s a great read, and Hannah Hart’s personality shines through brilliantly.


You may have noticed that everything looks different! I’ve been doing some tinkering with the redesign, for a couple reasons: first, I wasn’t too big a fan of the old theme, known as “Twenty Fourteen” – I didn’t like how the sidebars lined up, and that kept becoming more and more of a pet peeve of mine, so I’ve switched to something that doesn’t have the issue. Secondly, this is the brand-spanking-new “Twenty Fifteen” theme that ships with WordPress, and I pride myself on being hip with the jive. Third, I’ve been planning to do a redesign for a while now, since I’ve been working on a project or two that I felt wouldn’t fit in with the design theme I had in the past.

Finally, I wanted to change the workings of something that y’all may or may not have noticed: advertisements. I was tinkering with having ads on the site for a while, but I decided that I didn’t like them enough that I have now gotten rid of them. (This is the point at which plenty of bloggers start talking about their Patreon campaign or whatever new merchandise they’re selling, but since I’m running this blog as more of a vanity project than anything else, I won’t be doing that. Also, both of those things seem like they’d take a while to set up.)

(Consider it a Christmas gift to you, dear readers. Also to me- I even switched to a different theme for the administration setup, so everything is nice and new and shiny on my end, too!)