Economic Impact of Longevity

The human lifespan has been increasing at a pretty impressive rate! But as somebody who’s obsessed with the cool stuff the future might hold, I feel like I have to think about some of the weirder impacts of what might happen – like living for a thousand years. Now, of course that might have some implications, the main example being whether or not the human mind can even survive for that long. Being alive for that long might overflow your brain! We don’t know, and I find that really awesome. Continue reading


I did a little bit of reorganization in the hopes that it’ll inspire me to post things on here more often. Keep in mind, I do have a Big Project or two that I’m working on, but I won’t have anything to show from those for a while yet. Meanwhile, I’ve opened up the ‘Collection‘ category under which I’ll post the occasional cool/fun/whatever link, probably with a thought or two attached. Not inspired by John Gruber at all, nope.

Quick edit to add: this was my 100th post on this website! I’m bad at monumental big numbers, oh well.

2014-10-12 09.04.51 HDR


I took this picture a few days ago on a lovely cold day. Fall took its sweet time arriving, and I have been quite tired of the melting heat; having a bit of fog and some colder weather is a nice change.

Oh, and this photo was taken with my iPhone 6, instead of with my fancy camera, because I didn’t feel like running around trying to get my camera at 6 in the morning. Pretty good, no?

It's pronounced "Grey two-eighty."