Spellcasting – Draft 1

I’m working on developing a system that could be used by the Harry Potter and Quidditch Society on campus as a game, based roughly on the concept of the Defence Against the Dark Arts class, combined with a wizard’s duel. I’d originally hoped to use an existing system, but I wasn’t able to find any…

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LaTeX Rendering

\(\LaTeX\) is a beautiful little piece of software(?) that I’ve been using for a few months now. Pronounced “lay-tech”, it’s a variant of the TeX language that’s used mostly for typing math and making it look good. It’s been installed on this site for a while now, since a variant comes with the Jetpack plugin…

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“My Drunk Kitchen”

So, for Christmas I got Hannah Hart’s new book, My Drunk Kitchen. Named, of course, after her phenomenal webseries, in which she… drinks and attempts to cook things. Anyhow, the book: it’s less a book of recipes than it is a book of life advice, a lot of which is quite good. There’s a touching…

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